ATD Houston is governed by volunteer leaders who represent all aspects of the training, human resources, and talent development profession. 

Our mission is to cultivate talent development professionals through creative programming and networking while helping them discover and achieve unprecedented levels of performance.

Upcoming Events

Featured Consultant

Annual Membership-Volunteer Showcase

The Annual Member-Volunteer showcase will allow everyone to meet other chapter members.  There will be opportunity for business networking and interactive activities with board committees. This a great event to meet and engage with ATD Houston Board leadership, consider volunteer opportunities for 2017, and have an evening of free beer and food.

Workshop: No Power, No Point: Turn Your Slides from Boring TO Soaring

Blaming PowerPoint for dull presentations is like blaming the paintbrush for an ugly painting. But few presenters ever tap into the enormous potential that a creatively-designed slide presentation can have. 

Mike Robertson is a nationally-know thought leader in designing innovative visuals that capture audience attention and improve information retention. In this idea-packed session, he shares tips, tricks, and techniques that can immediately take your slides to a much higher level.

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